175 Cesar Chavez St #2,  St Paul, MN 55107


The first and only of it's kind in Minnesota! A full service deli with more than a dozen scratch made salsas, salads and plenty of other Mexican foods to heat and eat! In addition, the Grab n Go deli is stocked with authentic foods like tamales, guisados, rice, beans, and other delicious foods to reheat or ready to cook!

175 Cesar Chavez St. St. Paul, MN 55107

phone:  651-227-2192

fax:  651-227-2411


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Monday-Saturday 7am-9pm

Sunday 7am-8pm


El Cafe Line:

Monday-Thursday 7am-8pm

Friday-Saturday 7am-9pm

Sunday 7am-6pm


El Cafe y bar:

 Monday-Thursday 7am-8pm

Friday-Saturday 8am-9pm

Sunday 8am-6pm