175 Cesar Chavez St #2,  St Paul, MN 55107

The moment you approach El Burrito Mercado, you know that you are somewhere very special. The experience begins from the street as you begin to smell the delicious aromas from the onsite kitchen where expert and talented cooks prepare all fare of authentic and delicious Mexican food; from simple, irresistible Tacos al Pastor to elaborate and gourmet quality Chicken Mole.


This is Mexico in Saint Paul! Listen to the Spanish speaking employees welcome you while they are busily preparing delicious food or assisting other customers with their purchases of food from the deli, groceries to take home or buying beautiful arts and crafts lovingly selected directly from artisans in Mexico.


 After 30 years in business, El Burrito Mercado is thriving under the watchful eyes of the Silva sisters Milissa and Suzanne and third generation Analita. This trio of hardworking women manage with love and attention to detail. This power team ensures that El Burrito Mercado continues to thrive and growing with its always expanding product offerings, creative and professional catering, more seating in the restaurant and in the newly added outdoor La Placita Patio. All of these while The Silva family strives to keep things real, never compromising quality, service, or authenticity.  If it feels real it’s because it is. Viva La Experiencia Mexicana!

Unique Marketplace

Award Winning Food

La Experiencia Mexicana

The unique neighborhood marketplace consists of a variety of Mexican cooking needs as well as an amplified selection of Groceries (dry beans, spices, tortillas, peppers, etc) including common brands such as Goya & San Marcos.

Choose from our EL Café Express for a quick and satisfying meal or stay awhile in our El Café Restaurant for an authentic, more relaxing atmosphere with a water fountain, Spanish tile accent décor, and traditional table service.

Explore the unique culture of El Burrito Mercado. Stop in for lunch, stay for an authentic dinner. We have numerous events throughout the year to submerge you in the festive culture and a chance to let loose and have some fun.


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175 Cesar Chavez St. St. Paul, MN 55107

phone:  651-227-2192

fax:  651-227-2411


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