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The moment you enter El Burrito Mercado, you know that you are somewhere unique, and the experience begins! Before you even enter the Mercado, you can begin to smell the delicious aromas from our onsite kitchen,, the air is filled with the appetizing aromas. And as you proceed to enter the Mercado, you are indulged in the smells, the vibrant décor, the Spanish music background, the Spanish speaking employees and customers, it all feels so real, El Burrito Mercado is real, it is La Experencia Mexicana. The Silva family owns and manage their business, they are hands on, and while they strive to keep things real they never compromise quality, service, nor authenticity. For the Latino who seeks home away from home, and for the non-Latino that chooses to venture or who has fallen in love with the Mexican culture, you'll find the experience at El Burrito Mercado one of a kind. If you've ever been to Mexico and fell in love with the food, the people, the culture, then you'll find nostalgia when visiting us. For those who have never been to Mexico, well, come enjoy a taste of La Experencia Mexicana at El Burrito Mercado. We are so grateful to the loyalty of our customers and employees, this year we celebrate 30 years in business and it's because of our employees and customers that El Burrito Mercado is still here, thank you!

Unique Marketplace

Award Winning Food

La Experiencia Mexicana

The unique neighborhood marketplace consists of a variety of Mexican cooking needs as well as an amplified selection of Groceries (dry beans, spices, tortillas, peppers, etc) including common brands such as Goya & San Marcos.

Choose from our EL Café Express for a quick and satisfying meal or stay awhile in our El Café Restaurant for an authentic, more relaxing atmosphere with a water fountain, Spanish tile accent décor, and traditional table service.

Explore the unique culture of El Burrito Mercado. Stop in for lunch, stay for an authentic dinner. We have numerous events throughout the year to submerge you in the festive culture and a chance to let loose and have some fun.


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175 Cesar Chavez St. St. Paul, MN 55107

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